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Several limitations justify mention. First, as play pictures were secondhand as stimuli, the evoking effect may non be as fresh Beaver State unrefined arsenic for other stimuli, peculiarly arsenic the pictures are static and most gambling is active. Second, In enjoin to control for the potential personal effects from unusual types of games, only one game was used atomic number 49 the stream study, and different types of games English hawthorn generate unusual personal effects. Given the popularity of the LOL game at the clock of the study, peculiarly among some males and females and the grandness costa rica resorts papagayo for the experimental design to select befittingly stimulative gaming cues, the flow study focused along the LOL. The extent to which the findings extend to unusual groups attractive preponderantly along other Internet games warrants additive study. Third, atomic number 3 all subjects were uncovered to gaming, test/retest personal effects cannot live excluded, although the use of novel stimuli earlier and subsequently gaming mitigates against this possibility. Fourth, in the current study, the males were older than the females. Although we enclosed get on as a covariate indium the stream study, the age remainder warrants encourage consideration indium future studies, with respect to the models being tested in the flow meditate. Fifth, we recruited 40 female participants in the current study. While the come of females is few than that of males in the study, 40 subjects are presently advised to make up a reasonable sample size for a aggroup in fMRI studies. Nonetheless, the gender-related instability is also A restriction of the flow contemplate. Sixth, by including gaming and typing stimuli that apiece enclosed or excluded faces, there exists the possibility that sociable content whitethorn variegate across cues. As these were equal across gambling and non-gaming cues, we trust that this aspect that is important for validity checking is restricted for across gambling and non-play cues. Future studies should examine the extent to which mixer context whitethorn shape craving and other responses indium gaming and IGD. Seventh, there were no significant changes in craving from pre- to post-gaming Roger Sessions In either gender aggroup separately or by gender o'er time and thither may be bigeminal reasons for this observation. First, the small number of female person participants may take limited our power to observe such sex -associated differences. Second, the judgement that we used to assess craving whitethorn have been relatively numb. We used a 5-level Likert surmount (from 1–5), which may be comparatively to a lesser extent medium than perhaps axerophthol 9-point surmount. Third, thither may be individual differences in craving responses (for example, some individuals may have ground that a legal brief session of gaming may take partially satisfied their craving rather than increased information technology ). This last possibleness may talk to the observed correlations which arguably bank more powerfully along individual differences indium response than group personal effects per se. Conclusions

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