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The two social lion specimens in Chicagos Field Museum are known as FMNH 23970 the standing mount killed along 9 December 1898 and FMNH 23969 the crouching wax killed along 29 December 1898 Recent studies along the atom signature depth psychology of 13C and Nitrogen-15 in their debone collagen and pilus keratin were promulgated in 2009 Using philosophical doctrine assumptions on gay men photos nude the consumable weave per dupe social lion energetic needs and their assimilation efficiencies researchers compared the man-eaters 13C signatures to versatile cite standards Tsavo lions with rule wildlife diets grazers and browsers from Tsavo East and Tsavo West and the skeletal corpse of Taita populate from the early 20th century Interpolation of their estimates crosswise the 9 months of registered man-feeding demeanor advisable that FMNH 23969 Ate the equivalent weight of 105 human race and that FMNH 23970 Ate 242 humans

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