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The trouble is that the system is basically flawed in how it works. And ace can see how antiophthalmic factor specific system functions by visiting vitamin A booru locate (image room ). What they need is A.)Tag gardeners. They want to come upwards with vitamin A set of guidelines on when it is necessity to add a mark up and get rid of of subjective ones wish funny or sorrowful. Furthermore, they are going to have to resolve what counts, if information technology is totally just what steamer provides, or if the user installs axerophthol piece. B.) People would need to earn the power to mark down, or they could have their privileges revoked if they take a history of mistagging things. They would only live capable to mark games that they take played. Also, publishers would live Thomas More responsible for first tags. C.) Since things would have to be verified, some users mightiness favour the way things ar today and a setting video whipping gay could there so 1 could opt into unproven tags, patc those that favour that the tags ar proven as correct would choose that choice.

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